– Importance of different Leather bag in women Life..

tote bag

Learn everything about the various types of bags every woman must have. A woman is multiple personalities in one person. On some days she is bold and on others she is shy, on some days.
She is focused and, on some time, she is a homemaker, on some day she is a trendsetter while on some period she is traditional and each of her role makes her unique and different from the rest.
One bag would never be sufficient enough to compliment all her roles. Various brands and designers have been creating different types of bags to compliment the uniqueness of women and fit their needs.
Bags have always been a crucial part of women’s ensemble. Be it your first work wear bag or your first party wear bag, bags play an important role in making an impression.
From showing your hard-working personality to your fashion forward taste, a bag can tell a lot about your personality. This makes it a little tricky to choose the right bag for yourself.

Handbags and purses are among the most functional, hard-working accessories in our closet. They hold all of our day-to-day items, shielding our valuables and not-so valuables from inclement weather, damage and theft — and, in most cases, they help complete our polished looks.


Every woman needs a tote, and not just a big bag to haul stuff around in but one that can also look polished and professional. If you carry a laptop back and forth from the office then this is definitely the bag for you. But if you’re not carrying much beyond your wallet, a phone and a small makeup bag, you can still use a tote, just opt for a lightweight one — like in a canvas material.

As we all know, this bag gives you great freedom of movement while keeping your things close — and it looks much chicer than a backpack. A good cross body bag will have a sturdy strap that’s adjustable with a front flap that’s easy to maneuver. It shouldn’t be too heavy and should be a medium size — go too small and it’s not going to be very functional, too big and it can overwhelm you.



A clutch bag is a small bag with no handles or straps in most cases to carry minimum essentials like money and keys. When you are going for a party or a wedding all dressed-up and don’t want to carry the extra baggage, opt for a handy clutch. There are various types of clutches in different sizes, designs, colors and materials. You can choose or customize a clutch bag that complements your attire and thus completes your ensemble. Be it a studded clutch for a party, a striped clutch for casual outing or an animal printed clutch for a date night, a clutch is always minimal at its best.

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