Pack your Travel Tote Bag: Tips and Tricks for a Great Carry On

When it comes to travel, getting the perfect carry on is essential. With airlines getting tighter everyday seating and flight delays abounding, no one wants to be stuck at the airport or on an aircraft without the essentials. Packing your tote bag for travel can be an overwhelming task, determining what’s going to come on board and what’s going to be checked to be seen on the other side, but we’ve compiled our list of the top items to bring with you.

The Absolute Essentials to Carry On

Starting with the big things is good, packing them in and making sure they fit snugly, before tossing them into the little pieces. Make sure to include your:


Light Sweater

Notebook and Pen

Files and other office products.

Make sure your laptop is stowed securely in a padded laptop sleeve so it can stay protected and packing layers will make mom proud and keep you warm. We love the Indian Hando Art Journal Notebook, for tracking thoughts, making to-do lists and keeping your ideas sorted.

The Secondary Items to Fill Up Your Tote Bag

After you’ve fit the big pieces into place, you can fill in the gaps with the smaller essential items. Remember to pack:

Travel-size toiletries




Picking the Right Leather Tote for Travel

Maybe the most important piece is to choose the right one when it comes to packing your tote! A tote is a must for travel, holding everything you need and keeping it safely together. While totes are often just catchalls for everything, we wanted a bag at Indian Hando Art which could be more than that. A tote is meant to hold each piece securely for us, and it allows you to search through it to find the one pen you need. That’s why we included a padded interior pocket, external pockets and a clutch with a wallet to let you carry every essential with ease.

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