Today we will talk about our vision in crafting a bag. Vision is clear to provide satisfaction to our customers.
We are giving you thought on our vision of customer’s satisfaction. So let’s start with the vision of choosing the leather.

” leather crafting “

We think that the leather must go with the purpose that if the leather has
chosen for a travel bag it must be rough and tough. The other objective of leather is to provide adequate a shade of the vintage brown look.
Now let’s move to the stitching, it is not done only for sewing the bag but also for giving shape and a decent look. For this purpose high-quality thread is used and it is specially made for stitching the
Clips to open and close the bags are also made with intelligence and thought that was to provide them
ease to use.

” Push Clip “

So at this point, we have a huge chat on outer area, now let’s move to the inner portion.
The inner portion has more things than the outer one. In this, we have first thought to provide the compartments according to the name of the product.
So let’s move to the compartments. They are designed on the basis of the objective of the product such as in the messenger bag compartments are designed to provide space for office things and same in the travel bag “leather duffle “ they are on the basis
to provide space for putting travel stuff. We have also made pocket in some ones.
The handle of the bag is also made from the genuine leather and its length is according to the objective.
It is made to give you better handling. It is also adjustable.
The next one is look of the bag. It is important topic to mention because all things of the bags are not
useful if the look is not good or descent. The look depends on the leather and leather depends on the
Quality is the important part of our vision because without that we are not able to provide you the one
which we want to, so quality is the one which we want to tick the most. The leather, design or
everything depends on the quality.
We have a chat on almost all the important points of the vision. The remaining points are that we have
hand crafted some bags for some objectives and some for other. So you have to choose the ideal one.
The bag must tick all the marks you need otherwise we should need to think more our vision because
you haven’t receive satisfaction.
In the end we want to say that our vision is for you and only for you. So you can rely on us and make us

“Goodbye and signing off.”

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