handmade leather messenger bag

This the time of the year when we are prepared to welcome 2019 .

Now the time has come to take New Year resolutions, we have also taken that. We have thought to facilitate our customers by launching new products and making transparency in our work.

We have designed some new products which may be launched in the upcoming year. We have designed bags for men and women both.


New products will be launched for every personality in this upcoming year. We will categorize all the new and all products according to features.

The other goal of us is to improve our services. In this context we have firstly thought about our shipping services. We have made a plan to improve them.

All the products are made with their unique features and qualities. The uniqueness of all the products is raised.

Traditional leather bag

Now the question comes about quality that what is improved in this upcoming year. For this we have improved the quality of stitching and space of bags.

We have also thought to improve the texture of leather. The quality of leather is must for look of any leather bag.

The other service that must be improved in this New Year is communication with the customers. It is the area where we have thought widely. We have thought to reply as fast as we can on the feedback’s and comments of our customers. We will try to reply faster to mails of our customers.

Now, the resolutions are taken and time is come to follow them with energy in this upcoming year. And in the end wish all of you a very happy and exciting new year. This New Year is coming for all of us to climb new heights and to reach new mile stones.                                                              

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