– Relationship Between Indian Hando Art and Leather


“I always love to dress up, but i usually end up in a leather jacket and boots”
Bella Hadid

From everything that we know or have to known about leather. We still seek what makes it best among other options, or what makes it stand apart? Don’t we?

We had the same curiosity when chose to make leather products. Or perhaps, it was the only driving force that has today, brought us this far. Our decision was not just to make or sell leather products. Instead, we desired to stand apart, to do it differently.

We founded Indian hando art with the goal of answering this simple question, how to do it different? For this, we went door to door, to every manufacturer asking what’s common in their leather and why they’ve chose to work with leather? The only answer we always came across is that leather has a good selling price and it’s easy to sell because of its growing demand. Yet, it did not brought us satisfaction to start working with it. Although, we had a clue that we can make leather and sell it in our desired community with few efforts to putting in its best quality. We still went on to just do it differently.

We kept on looking for answers till one day when we realized the fact that “We cannot look for change but we have to make it possible from within”. Our founder Nikhil Kataria always believed in making products that leaves an impression of its fine quality and warmth to its users. We started working with the same goal in mind, or to do things differently yet creating something unique that embraces an awe of inspiration.
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Since this very moment, India hando art is creating products with almost creativity and considering the needs and requirements of its customers. We have shaped us in such a way that none of our customers have left us since the day they’ve chose to work with us and took along a product of ours.

We specialize in the production of bags (including totes, messenger bags, backpacks travel bags  luggage, etc), along with it we also produce various other items such as diaries, leather handicrafts and different accessories as well. While always maintaining their best of quality and authenticity. Each and every product of ours is quality tested or approved, and we always ensure to maintain that to our customers.

Today’s manufacturers are only aware of leather market profit, but no one really goes to make it creative and appealing for their customers. India hando art incorporated with the only objective to provide its customers with products which gives them a sense of purity and quality at the same time. Our leather comes from the finest tanneries of India which have been providing leather in the country since many decades.

For us, leather is a “Pearl of Fashion”. It is one the highest commodities in the textile market that has always received its praise and honor worldwide for being an elite and finest option available. From its different qualities and varieties available worldwide, from vegetable tanned to the leather of goat and camel. We have chosen the finest quality of vegetable tanned leather. That directly comes to us from the finest tanneries to be later turned in beautifully and authentic made leather bags, and leather handicrafts.

Despite of being a finest fashion commodity, leather also have received bad reputation because of its pollution causing agents during its tanning and high water requirements. This lead us to ask a serious question : what if we want make our leather more sustainable and eco-friendly without impacting or causing serious environment damages? Thus, with the idea of choosing to be more sustainable and environment friendly, we have chosen to work with the finest quality vegetable tanned leather that is eco-friendly as well as does not lead to be the cause of any environmental pollution.

Our goal is to provide our consumers with satisfaction and leave a trace of quality with them. We do everything that requires our products to make the best among all and sustainable as well. India hando art goes for its name by the authenticity where our products are handmade from the finest craftsmen in our country. We choose to deliver the same with utmost sincerity and our promise to always keep it different.



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